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Hvilket bilde fra Hove 2011 er du mest fornøyd med?
– I’m not entirely pleased with myself looking back at Hove 2011. I was in a dark place during the festival, maybe I’m starting to get older. I did have fun though! Big fun! And next year I’m bringin my A game. I’m really pleased with the pic of charlie on the boat. It was a truly epic moment hazily cruising through a thick fog on the first day of the festival…I like the grainy pics of Gold Panda mid head-bop, and all my crazy weirdo kids..

Hva var høydepunktet på Hove 2011?
– The best times were really those spent with the amazing gang dedicated to making the paper, truly beautiful people and every moment shared with them is treasured. I seriously enjoyed dancing my dick off every night at Flekken. The car crash simulator with my foto partner Rich was fun and wondering around snapping pics with him for the randoms section always provided a couple of chuckles.

Hvilke artister drømmer du om å knipse på Hove 2012?
– I wanna take pics of Dexi’s Midnight Runners.. maybe they’re announcing a comeback, look into it.

november 1, 2011

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